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Our Yoga Classes

Calming body friendly Hatha Yoga Classes and personalised yoga at our Boutique Brisbane Southside Camp Hill Studio.

We have 27 years experience teaching yoga, Jargon free, no nonsense yoga to get normal people (beginners, men & women) more body aware, breathing better, stronger, mobile, and relaxed…

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Camp Hill Yoga Class Timetable

Monday 9.30 am

General Hatha Yoga – suited to people with some yoga experience


Monday 10.45 am

Bones of Steel Yoga & Qi Gong – suited to people who want to work on bone health & reducing Osteoporosis risk factors such as posture, falls prevention, and strength


Wednesday 7 pm

General Hatha Yoga – suited to people with some yoga experience

James – also physiotherapist

Thursday 9.30 am

Gentle Hatha Yoga – suited to people who are beginners, older or who have chronic conditon which is helped by yoga (see your health practitioner for guidance)


Thursday 6.30 pm

Easy Hatha Yoga – suited to all including beginners. 

Alternates between Radhika & James


We also offer specialised yoga classes through the year, such as Meditation, Yoga for Bones (osteoporosis), and Functional Strength. Details below.

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For Camp Hill – 2022 Term commences Monday 17th Jan. Classes run mostly according to Queensland school terms. There are no classes on Queensland public holidays.

Classes are run COVID Safe…

Small FEE increase for 2022

Camp Hill Fees $22 Casual

Or Become a Yoga Term Member at a discounted rate of $176 for a 10 week term (or prorata) ie $17.60 per class

Location – Parooba Ave Camp Hill 4152 Yoga Class Bookings Essential

CLICK for Sample hatha yoga class with Radhika


Private/Personalised Yoga

We also offer Private Yoga. This is where we can work with you individually, to provide yoga specific to your needs, health or fitness level. We can even create a uique practice for home. Students really enjoy privates! 

Call for details

Corporate Yoga

We come to your organisation to provide yoga workshops or classes, tailored to your organisations needs. We have worked with Queensland Health, Businesses, Community Organisations, Schools, and Residential Communities.

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Bones of Steel Yoga & Qigong

Bones of Steel is a specialised form of Yoga and Qigong, which works on reducing the risk factors associated with Osteopenia & Osteoporosis (bone weakening). We work on posture, balance to prevent falls, bone & body strengthening practices, stress reduction, energy exercises, breathing, and avoid practices which could be unsuited to osteoporosis.

CLICK for sample yoga for bones class

Monday 10.45 am – Bookings essential call 07 3342 1480


 .Meditation is part of yoga, but often there is not enough time to explore it deeply in normal yoga classes. Meditation can be simple, and provide great well being benefits. In fact meditation is natural, but we have often forgotten how to do it. We show the truths about meditation without all the jargon & mysticism. We offer evening workshops &  short courses.  Meditation Friday Evening Workshops, once per term.

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Other Yoga Classes We Offer

Pace at Sleemans - Chandler

We teach Hatha Yoga at Pace: Monday 10.45 am James, Monday 6.15 pm Radhika, Tuesday 10.45 am Radhika, Wednesday  8.45 am Radhika. We also offer Tai Core Wednesday 7.45 am Radhika.

Why learn hatha yoga with US?


We ask each class what you want to practice


We modify yoga to fit you / Not have you fit yoga


We teach slowly & clearly so you can understand


We teach evidence informed yoga


Our classes are fun & interesting, and we never repeat classes


We teach for YOU


We have over 27 years experience teaching yoga


Our yoga style is people & body friendly. It is for normal people, not for extreme flexible or strong.


You will learn to relax


You will learn to breathe well


You will learn how to get stronger & be more mobile


You will learn about well being & vitality


You will learn how to stay younger for longer

Join our Yoga NOW!

You will love our classes – we do!


Parooba Ave  Camp Hill  Brisbane Queensland


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